Painting Activity - あわら市観光協会

Painting Activity


The “Sousaku Koubou” (Craft Studio) is one of the facilities that supports the most basic part of creative activities, which is creating works.
Various classes are held throughout the year, including pottery classes.

Step 1
Choose figure to paint.Think about the design and colors.

Step 2
Start painting. If you apply too much paint at once, it will run, so please be careful.
If you want the color to be darker, wait a while and reapply.

Step 3
Be careful when mixing the colors and mix gently to avoid creating bubbles.

Step 4
Wait for it to bake (it will take about 60 minutes)
If you apply too thick of a layer, it may take longer to dry.

Step 5
Collect your completed work.

• The process will be smoother if you decide in advance what kind of design you want.
• The paint does not dry immediately, so please do not touch.
• Cannot be diluted with water. Please use a paint thinner.
• The used brush will harden, so please put it in water.
• Gold color develops even if applied thinly. Please be careful not to apply it too thick.

【Facility Details】
Forest of Creation Craft Studio
Address: 44-10-29 Aonoki, Awara-shi, Fukui, 919-0814
TEL/FAX: 0776-73-7802 / 0776-73-7804
Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (until 10:00 PM complying with the rental facility)
Closed: Mondays (open on public holidays, closed on the following weekday), year-end and New Year holidays