Miyadani Quarry Ruins


Miyadani Quarry was used from 1887 at a time when European construction techniques started being utilized in Japan. After 1950, the foundations of houses began to be made of concrete, and the use of the mine declined and was closed.

Step 1
Hang a bear bell and light around your neck, put on a helmet, and prepare for climbing

Step 2
Enter the mountain. Electric fences have been installed on both sides of the road to keep wild boars away. Please avoid touching them.

Step 3
The length of the tunnel is approximately 30 meters. The ceiling is low for the first 20 meters, so please lower your head.

In the cave
The quarry has six interconnected spaces. There is a puddle at the back. Please be careful not to fall.

If the conditions are right, you can take photos like this!

Spend your time as you please in the quiet, calm atmosphere.

• The rock surface is not smooth, so please do not remove your gloves.
• You may take off your helmet when taking photos.