Transformation experience


Get dressed by an Awara geisha, who is said to be the flower of Awara Onsen, and you can transform into the geisha or maiko of your dreams with an authentic kimono and makeup!

Step 1
Choose a kimono

Step 2
If you are wearing makeup, please remove it.
Afterwards, a real geisha will apply your makeup.

Step 3
Next, apply the wig.
This is a precious wig used by real maiko and geisha!

Step 4
Next, it’s time to change clothes. First, you will put on tabi socks and a real geisha will help you get dressed.
The kimono is different from an ordinary kimono, and it is a kimono actually worn by maiko and geisha. (Time required for dressing: approximately 20 minutes)

Step 5
Once you have finished changing, you can take photos.

Step 6
Once you’ve enjoyed it to your heart’s content, remove your wig, remove your makeup, change into your clothes, and you’re done!


• We will ask you about your height and foot size in advance to prepare the kimono and tabi socks.
• Men can also transform into maiko and geisha, but if a wig does not fit, the activity will be done without a wig.
• Depending on your hairstyle (such as dreadlocks) and head size, wigs may not fit, in the case of either a man or woman. In such case, the activity will be done without a wig.
• Depending on your foot size, you may not be able to wear tabi socks.
• We can only speak Japanese, but we will use methods such as translation sheets to communicate.

【Facility Details】
Awara-Yunomachi Hiroba Traditional Performing Arts Hall
Address: 1-203 Onsen, Awara-shi, Fukui
TEL: 0776-78-6767
Morning session: 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM, Afternoon session: 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM (2 and a half hours each) *Other times are available by consultation.