🚕Travel Around by Taxi! Awara City Sightseeing Course🚕 - あわら市観光協会

🚕Travel Around by Taxi! Awara City Sightseeing Course🚕


From special places to making things that will become memories of your trip! Introducing a fun sightseeing plan around Awara using the taxi

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1:Painting Activity

The “Sousaku Koubou” (Craft Studio) is one of the facilities that supports the most basic part of creative activities, which is creating works.
Various classes are held throughout the year, including pottery classes.

2:Glass craft experience

We pride ourselves in our extensive facilities, including a glass-blowing workshop that uses a handmade melting furnace, a glass-processing room, and a kiln room. It is a space where both the people making and watching can enjoy glass crafts.

3:Miyadani Quarry Ruins

Miyadani Quarry was used from 1887 at a time when European construction techniques started being utilized in Japan. After 1950, the foundations of houses began to be made of concrete, and the use of the mine declined and was closed.

4:Accessory-making Activity

The penannular-shaped earrings and spatula-shaped pendants that were popular about 7,000 to 5,000 years ago have been excavated from the area east of JR Awaraonsen Station. It is the oldest category of stone accessories in Japan and has the largest quantity and boasts highest quality of penannular-shaped earrings.
We will make accessories with a modern twist based on the excavated accessories

5:Geisha, Maiko transformation experience

Get dressed by an Awara geisha, who is said to be the flower of Awara Onsen, and you can transform into the geisha or maiko of your dreams with an authentic kimono and makeup!